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El Jefe

Lupe is his name, but I call "El Jefe" and he is a lifesaver! As I mentioned in previous blogs, Emily and I decided to do most of the upgrades and structural improvements with the help of a few friends who have experience with home improvement. Shout to Drew McNeil who has been up to the house twice helping with all kinds of stuff. The two big projects, flooring and painting, we decided to leave to the professionals. The problem is, everybody and their mother is up in Highlands vacationing or updating their homes as a result of COVID. It seems it’s the only place people can go to escape the heat, the crowds, and the COVID craziness.

Thanks to Emily‘s perseverance and charm, she was able to track down one of the best painters in the area (by chit-chatting with one of our neighbors) and somehow convinced him to say yes to our job with three days notice when he first told us that he was booked out for two months.

I’m not sure where all of his workers came from, but we are convinced everyone is an angel and we quickly got back on schedule.

So what’s next? House staging :-) The time in the project that Emily has been anxiously awaiting! Our garage at home is completely full with furniture and other home furnishings that are sure to make peace still a warm, inviting, welcoming place. We purposely selected items that have an upscale yet comfortable look and feel but that will hold up to the constant traffic we expect to have during popular times of the year. We've painted probably 20 pieces of furniture in the last month and we're excited to see how it all looks!

Additionally, we have a lot of things to prep and create to host friends and guests at our home. A welcome book, home instructions, labels for switches, and much more. Trying to think through everything a guest may need and provide answers and solutions so they don’t need to ask. We even designed a new logo, which we'll feature on some apparel and gifts soon enough :-)

Say tuned for the next update sometime this week!

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