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Welcome Home

Well, we bought our house in Highlands!!!

We closed Monday July 6th, celebrated with a champagne toast (gatorade for the girls) and by Monday evening we were already ripping our bathrooms, flooring, and walls. No buyers remorse yet. In fact, just a lot of hope and inspiration about what this will mean for our family. The girls were with us the entire week and it was really fun to share the experience with them, and literally get our hands dirty together!

The best part of the week was getting to experience the excitement with friends/family, who also graciously offered to pick up a hammer, screw driver, or drill and help with some of the improvements. We continue to be amazed at how good god is to make a way for this home to become something special to us and all those who will visit.

I was also very pleased with the progress we made in just a matter of a few days. Here's a few videos that show you the current state of things.

In addition to heavy demo, we changed out about 30 outlets with brand new, updated electrical, put up a new tongue/groove ceiling in the master bedroom along with new walls and made a lot of lighting upgrades. All in the hopes this will provide a welcome sanctuary for new and old friends to enjoy Highlands, NC!

This upcoming weekend we will be laying all new flooring and channeling our own Chip and JoJo to shiplap the bathrooms!!! Stay tuned! Week 1 is in the books.

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