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Axon Test is a reliable application that offers you a comprehensive working space, for test simulating several types of networking devices. The software can help you test the signal strength and the trace received by the device, as well as analyze the master-slave relations between certain components. Test simulator and protocol analysis Axon Test is a simple to use, lightweight application that you can use in order to test the functions of IEDs, networking devices, servers and data exchange tools. You may easily test the connections and signal received by the device, in order to establish the most suitable configuration. The software also works as a protocol simulator and allows you to test and analyze several IEDs or control centers. The supported protocols for analysis are DNP3 LAN/WAN (Master/Slave), DNP3 serial (Master/Slave), IEC 60870-5-104 (Master/Slave), IEC 60870-5-101 (Master/Slave) and Modbus (Master/Slave). It allows you to analyze the source of the signal received and filter the range, in order to obtain the exact location. A reliable assistant for simulations, test, commands Axon Test allows you to easily separate connections for both master and slave devices, establish the hierarchy between the multiple elements contained in the protocol or simulate the incoming signal. You can simulate the signal, since you do not need to create a real one in order to run the IED tests. The software displays the tree-like structure of the selected device, on the left and allows you to select each node, then thoroughly analyze it. You can view Traces and run different commands, whether they are present or configured on the spot. Preset commands are displayed in the first tab, while the Advanced Commands tab allows you to create a new type of command. Easy to use program, with readable output Axon Test allows you to save your current simulation as a project file, that you can open at a later time, but you may also save logs, traces, signal reports or errors to RTF files. The software is simple to use and allows you to pin several editing areas to the main window. Thus, you may pin or hide the project explorer, node properties editor or the log viewer. Axon Test contains the following files: AxonTest.exe License : Freeware AxonTest.exe is listed in our a5204a7ec7

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