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It's about progress not perfection

Any major house project can is overwhelming and this is no different. The budget (which we're already over by the way :-), the timeline, the contractors, the surprises, the delays, the unknowns have all appeared in one form or another. If anything it might be more stressful because the success is dependent on our ability to rent this out and turn a profit. In business we understand that debt is a tool that should be used to drive/enhance growth not subsidize costs. We bit off a lot with this project... in regards to time, ability and finances. It's been hard, fun, frustrating and gratifying. We know that for it to be successful god must be in it.

This past weekend was tough. Progress was slower, we were tired from a crazy week, and we faced some serious challenges with lining up 2 most important contractors- painting and flooring. Emily and I worked as a team, and despite a few touch and go moments, together we tackled a lot. Bathrooms are in (showers and tubs) with plumbing connections happening this week. All new lighting has been added. Most of the outlets/switches (there are are 34 in all) have been changed out and, shiplap went up in the guest bathroom. We even repurposed the dutch door at the front of the house to be used upstairs to separate off the 2nd floor bedroom from the open loft space. We completed a thorough cleaning to prepare the house for a deep surface and duct cleaning.

Through relentless pursuit, Emily found the only painter in Western North Carolina that wasn't booked for the next 2 months, and got him over to our house Saturday morning to quote the job. Additionally, we have leads on 2 different flooring crews who will likely be able to lay flooring starting in early August. I had to laugh because if anyone is going to get something done it's Emily. My dad used to call her the little general. When we decided to get married in Duck, NC Emily was set on marrying in this little white church in the center of town. The Pastor was adamant that no "outsiders" could marry in the church. You had to be a member and resident of the community. Emily refused to accept that, so 6 months prior to our wedding date, she and I attended the sunday service at Duck, NC methodist church. She made us sit in the front row hang on every word of the pastor's sermon. Afterward, she lept up to to thanks the pastor for a great sermon, and then naturally segwayed into the question of our wedding ceremony. it took some convincing, but on that Sunday, through perseverance and charm, emily convinced the Pastor to allow us to marry in the church. I think we are the only people to date that have been afforded this privilege, so I am not surprised she was able to figure out how to find a painter when "noone" claimed to be available for 2 months.

Its moments like this that have made this entire experience worth it. Every-time we get worked up, fearful, or frustrated about things that aren't going our way, we remember 2 simple words- "be still." And somehow this house, the tranquil setting, and the presence of a higher, stronger power provides a peace and calming in response to whatever is happening in the moment. We can't wait for more people to be able to experience our little chalet in Highlands, NC!

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